What Styles Inspire You?

In case you missed it, The Knot declared March 1st National Wedding Planning Day! If you weren’t able to watch their live broadcasts we have a recap of what you missed!




Before you begin planning your wedding, you first must answer this question…..

“What wedding style do I want to have?”

Answering this question first will help you with the many decisions that will follow!


There are 7 style categories that almost all wedding will fall into.

  1. Bohemian (Boho)
  2. Classic
  3. Romantic
  4. Modern
  5. Glamorous
  6. Rustic
  7. Whimsical

When choosing your style, don’t feel like you can only be 1 style. Choose a main style and then incorporate elements that you love from the other styles!


Bohemian or Boho | Chic but not Overdone

• Fresh Elements
• Natural Color Palettes
• Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
• Wild & Undone Bouquets
• Naked Cake
• Lounge Area
• String Lights
• Outdoor Venue


Classic | Clean and Structured

• Formal Evening Dinner Reception
• Champagne Toast
• Elegant complete Place Settings on Tables
• Structured Floral
• Elegant Color Palettes mixed with Silver or Gold
•  Tiered Cake
• Indoor Venues: Ballroom, Country Club, Waterfront Resort, or Enclosed Tent


Glamorous | Red Carpet Worthy

• Sparkles and Sequins
• Draw Dropping Details
• Multi-Course Meals
• Showstopper Centerpieces
• Live Music
• Featured Lighting Elements
• Large Cake
• Instagram Worthy Details


Modern | Clean and Simple, yet Full of Details

• Contemporary Design
• Mix-Matched Patterns
• Purposeful Palette
• Streamlined Color Schemes
• High Fashion Elements
• Creative Typography
• Greenery Instead of Floral


Romantic | Sweet Without Being Too Sweet

• Soft & Feminine
• Heavy Floral
• Delicate Touches
• Pastels, Blushes, Gold, & Rose Gold Palettes
• Cocktail Hour with Signature Drinks
• Escort Card Display
• Designed to be Special & Thoughtful
• Any Venue
• Candles and Mood Lighting


Rustic | Farm to Table

• Natural & Relaxed
• Wood Elements
• Farm Tables & Linens
• Casual Table Setting
• Dessert Bars
• String Lights
• Barn & Outdoor Venues
• Relaxed Attire
• Unique & Fun Decor Elements


Whimsical | Breaks All the Rules

• Quirky Elements
• Shows Couple’s Personalities
• Fantasy & Storybook
• Fun and Different, but Tasteful
• Colorful Palettes
• Untraditional Cake
• Food Trucks & Specialty Food



If you are having trouble with the word “Theme”, instead, think of what ‘Vibe’ you would like your guests to feel!

The Knot has a Style Quiz on their App that you can take to help figure out what suits you and your fiancé the best!

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